Radiation protection instrumentation

James Fisher provides a comprehensive range of radiation detection, measurement and protection products and services through our partnership with Mirion Technologies.

Radiation protection instrumentation includes the popular and well-respected Rados, MGP Instruments and MGPI H&B Brands.

We provide specialist chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear monitors including appropriate personal dosimetry and hand-held search and frisk probes for detecting, locating, identifying and classifying radioactive material.

We provide high sensitivity dose rate instrumentation to help pinpoint the location of radiation.

Our laundry monitors measure large volumes of clothing for radiation quickly and efficiently, drastically reducing timescales against hand-held devices and enabling a greater probability of finding contamination.

We provide modular changeroom units in standard ISO freight containers which simplifies the logistics of transport and location during decommissioning projects.

The changerooms are air conditioned and fully fitted out with wash facilities and an office area for health physics staff. Two TwoStep™ exit monitors for personnel and a clearance monitor for tools and equipment are used to ensure that no radioactive contamination passes to the clean side of the changeroom.

We offer a range of personal contamination monitors for operatives working in radiation controlled areas.

We provide a range of hand-held portable survey meters that are widely used for the detection of radiation as they are light, portable and easy to use. These meters have excellent sensitivity as they concentrate on the detection of the radiation rather than the identification of the radioactive material.

The Ramsys Radiation Monitoring System (RMS) is a safety critical element of continuous in-process and environmental monitoring of radiation. RMS has excellent productivity, reliability, maintainability and longevity and is the world leader with over 10,000 channels in operation worldwide.

We offer a comprehensive range of dosimeters, readers and software for the reliable and effective measurement of dose-uptake to personnel and dose in the environment.

The Rados RTM 600 series of clearance monitors are highly sensitive and developed to measure a broad range of materials for release from a nuclear-licensed site.

We provide a range of portable vehicle and pedestrian monitors to screen for radioactive sources. The monitors can be either covert or overt, with options including integration into gates/barriers/doors and back up by CCTV and ANPR technology.

Our radiological calibration service team calibrates and repairs portable radiation protection instrumentation for customers across the UK.

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Radiation protection instrumentation