Mechanical and remote handling

James Fisher delivers high quality mechanical and remote handling equipment that successfully considers the variety of environmental risk factors in the nuclear industry.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities and extensive experience enable us to supply bespoke systems that meet the specific requirements of customers operating in hazardous environments and the exacting safety standards of the industry.

We provide equipment that complies with the numerous safety standards and legislations enforced by third party certified bodies, understanding the importance clients place on safety.

James Fisher has considerable experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of multi-axis manipulators and associated tooling. For further information please visit manipulators and tooling.

James Fisher has extensive experience in designing and building systems for operations in high radiation environments. Radiation tolerant equipment manufactured includes:

  • Electrical connectors and distributors
  • Distribution equipment
  • Connectors

James Fisher specialises in the deployment and safe recovery of cameras and sensors for the inspection of nuclear legacy plant. As well as camera inspections, systems have been designed for remote ultrasonic (UT) and eddy current (EC) non-destructive testing. For further information please visit remote inspections systems.

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Mechanical and remote handling