Manipulators and tooling

James Fisher is experienced in the design, manufacture and commissioning of multi-axis manipulators and associated tooling, enabling us to meet a range of needs within the nuclear and process industries.

We provide a range of heavy, medium and light duty manipulators that have proven reliability and suitability in hazardous environments.

In addition to our range of manipulators, we also offer associated accessories and tooling including remote tool change carousels, mounting tables and decontamination booths.

Our range of manipulators include:

  • ModuMan100 – a heavy duty modular power manipulator
  • ModuMan PRM – a heavy duty, long reach, lightweight, hydraulic power manipulator
  • ModuMan Link - a mast mounted, medium duty, multi-link manipulator
  • ModuManCave- a rugged, heavy duty, power manipulator
  • ModuMan Inspector - a light duty, highly dexterous, power manipulator
  • Heavy duty master slave manipulator (HDMSM)
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Manipulators and tooling