Engineered containments

James Fisher designs and manufactures containments and glove boxes for the safe handling and manipulation of radioactive materials.

We have extensive experience in design for practical operations and can provide solutions to various radioactive material processing challenges. Containments can be designed for all classifications of contamination controlled areas and are de-contaminable and wipe-down in accordance with NF standards.

We have experience in designing nuclear ventilation systems for the supply and extraction of air from facilities and containments. Containments can be designed with a stand-alone ventilation system, or to be interfaced with a new or existing building ventilation system.

Glove boxes are a flexible and reliable method of containing radioactive material and can be designed to contain equipment. We have experience of process equipment and powder handling systems such as hoppers, blenders, crushers, grinders and pelleting equipment.

For complex operations, we can provide suites of glove boxes with ports and connecting tunnels to pass material between work areas. Double-door transfer ports can be provided for bringing material into the glove box complex without compromising the containment, and for export of material, bagging and double-bagging, ports for the safe removal of items and drum-out facilities can be supplied.

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Engineered containments