Containerised systems

James Fisher designs and manufactures modular/containerised systems for the offshore and nuclear industries.

Both industries have a core requirement for the availability of equipment supporting maintenance and decommissioning for periods typically ranging between one month and three years. Traditionally this has been addressed by installing equipment in semi-permanent structures, despite being used infrequently and for short periods.

We have extensive experience in the supply of containerised equipment in support of these activities, identifying a need for robust and reliable modular systems which can be deployed at short notice and then recovered.

Our systems are supplied in a "ready to operate" state, reducing maintenance burdens and permitting better space utilisation by the operators. The systems are installed complete with hardware and infrastructure that increases resource sharing capabilities to substantially reduce capital costs.

Examples of our facilities include:

  • Breathing air system
  • Mobile change room
  • Waste repackaging facilities
  • Ventilation plant
  • Waste recovery facilities
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Containerised systems