Quick release mooring hooks

James Fisher’s quick release mooring hooks support safe mooring operations worldwide by protecting personnel and infrastructure through remote or manual release options.

Our quick release mooring hooks enable safe and reliable operations in environments encountered on jetties and have been designed to provide ease of installation, maintenance and fitting of mooring load monitoring components. Safe working loads vary from 30 tonnes to 200 tonnes, with proof loads of 1.5 times the safe working load.

In oil and gas terminals, the use of quick release mooring hooks for vessels during cargo handling is recommended by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), as they form the basis of a safe mooring system.

Benefits of James Fisher's quick release mooring hooks:

  • Recommended by OCIMF and SIGTTO
  • Forms basis of a safe mooring system
  • Provides safe mooring line release
  • Protects personnel and infrastructure
  • Designed to withstand harsh marine environments
  • Remote or manual release options
  • Wide range of movement (horizontal and vertical)
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can incorporate mooring load monitoring
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Quick release mooring hooks