Mooring load monitoring

James Fisher’s MoorAlert™ mooring load monitoring system provides real-time monitoring of tensions in mooring lines during unloading/loading.

MoorAlert™ is designed to ensure the safe and efficient securing of a vessel to its berth as well as on-going monitoring to ensure it remains secure. It also provides an accurate indication of mooring loads in multi-line mooring configurations.

The system monitors loads in real-time by strain gauged load measuring pins installed into quick release mooring hooks. In an event of parameters being outside of operator settable limits, the quick release hooks are released remotely to prevent an incident from occurring. For more information, please visit quick release mooring

MoorAlert™ benefits:

  • Ensures safety of personnel whilst vessel is moored
  • Protects jetty equipment and infrastructure
  • Maintains safe and efficient mooring line tension 
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Mooring load monitoring