Deck and mooring equipment

James Fisher supplies a diverse range of deck and mooring equipment from strategic locations worldwide.

Our vast experience enables us to provide expert advice on maintaining safety at sea. Deck equipment is manufactured to OCIMF guidelines, where relevant, ensuring quality every time.

We are able to create customised solutions to meet your individual requirements and also specialise in the manufacture of emergency and barge towing equipment.

All of our mooring stock is available new, used and reconditioned – we supply in excess of 5,000 shots of chain and 3,000 coils of rope each year.

Deck and mooring equipment includes:

  • Anchors
  • Chains and fittings
  • Hooks and ropes
  • Chocks and chain stoppers
  • Bollards, fairleads and horncleats
  • Quayside mooring equipment
  • Fabrication and manufacturing services
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Deck and mooring equipment