Anchor and chain monitoring

James Fisher’s anchor load and hawser monitoring systems provide instant data on mooring tensions to ensure the integrity of the anchor mooring.

Our anchor and chain monitoring system is suitable for any type of production vessel and appropriate for use in hazardous area zones I and II.

The custom designed load pins are installed in the anchor legs and can include turret and conventional spread mooring installations. The system provides a high level of tension measurement analytical capabilities with an alarm facility informing operators whenever anchor tensions reach safe working limits.

We are able to supply stand-alone mooring load monitoring to comprehensive integrated systems that monitor vessel draft and ballast, metocean conditions, vessel loading and structural stress.

Benefits of anchor load monitoring:

  • Improves operational safety
  • Provides the operator with data on anchor loads
  • Ensures the integrity of the anchor mooring system
  • Allows operators to take preventative action in the event of anchor loads exceeding pre-determined limits
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Anchor and chain monitoring