Wind turbine blade inspections

James Fisher delivers innovative wind turbine blade inspection and repair services.

Rotos 360, part of James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has helped to develop the Gurit Renuvo ultra violet (UV) cured blade repair method - RENUVO UV.

Turbine blades have to be perfectly aerodynamic to function effectively, but damage can cause erosion as they move through the air at speeds of up to 200mph, dramatically reducing their efficiency. Routine repair is a time-consuming process which has always been highly weather dependent.

This innovative and efficient method has resulted in significant time saving, reduced costs and improved safety through the use of Rotos's unique suspended work platforms. 

Features and benefits of the RENUVO UV blade curing method include: 

  • Significantly reduced downtime and associated costs
  • Increased safety with the Rotos360 unique suspended work platform
  • Working temperatures can be 5 - 30 degrees centigrade
  • Fast curing - 25 times faster than Epoxy curing
  • Clean materials - no toxic vapours emitted during curing

Highly trained personnel:

Operations are all undertaken by highly experienced technical teams. As part of its team specification, each blade technician must have at least four years referenced experience in blade repair. Rotos 360 also operates long-term training programs, enabling personnel to train from intermediate level up to the company standard.

For more information visit Rotos 360's website. 

One day offshore: Rotos 360

Rotos 360 showcases a typical day offshore, inspecting, repairing and servicing wind turbine blades. 

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