Newbuild supervision

James Fisher provides a flexible, tailored solution for the management and oversight of new-build projects.

We guarantee compliance with applicable standards and specifications to deliver cost-effective and added value solutions for the pre-build and design phase as well as build supervision. Our disciplined management of your project is critical to delivering on-time and within budget.

Pre-build and design phase: We provide independent design verification for all aspects of ship design and construction, ensuring full compliance with specifications and all relevant statutory class and flag state requirements.

Build supervision: We understand that competent and diligent build supervision is intrinsic to a vessel’s reliability, longevity, maintainability and fitness-for-purpose. Our skilled and experienced project managers and supervisors will monitor build progress and quality, whilst ensuring specification and contract compliance, dealing with any quality or warranty issues as they may arise.

On completion, we provide a tailor-made acceptance and handover procedure including transition plans for your crew, operators and superintendents as required.

Our services include:

  • Pre-contract feasibility and assessment of requirements
  • Pan approval and assessment of detailed specification
  • Initial design drawing compliance
  • Delivery / acceptance  tests & trials and guarantee compliance
  • Construction supervision and quality auditing

Please download our new buildings flyer for more information.