Ship management services

Providing comprehensive ship management solutions that underpin and exceed customer expectations.

With a focus on operational excellence, James Fisher Shipping Services' core activity is to provide world-leading technical and crew management services to tanker, research and specialist vessel ship owners.  

Our expertise in all aspects of technical vessel management enables us to deliver the highest standards of technical innovation and pragmatic solutions that are focused on the delivery of safe and fully compliant vessel operations. 

Utilising in-house expertise, each vessel will have an experienced and dedicated ship superintendent and fleet support cell responsible for vessel management, delivering high standards in overall performance. Superintendents work with long-term assigned vessels, allowing a higher level of concentrated ship management.

Full technical management is documented through periodical reporting, creating transparency and accountability whilst enabling ship owners to monitor and stay up-to-date with all operations.

James Fisher Shipping Services (JFSS) implements technical management processes that ensure all vessels are continuously managed at all times in alignment with:

• Oil major, flag state and class requirements
• Customer specific additional requirements
• Safe and efficient delivery of ship owner strategy and objectives
• Dry dock/repair supervision
• Planned maintenance and continual condition monitoring
• Strict budget control

The benefits of JFSS's tanker management services include:

  • Maximum vessel availability for commercial charter or research programmes
  • Innovative ship management techniques
  • In-house expertise of a wide range of vessel types
  • Worldwide support coverage

In this safety critical environment, we understand the pivotal role a ship’s crew plays in the effective and continual delivery of day-to-day operations. To maintain this high level of performance, we have one of the best trained and longest serving pools of seafarers in the world. Highly skilled, they are fully equipped to deliver in some of the world’s most extreme environments.

We adopt a wide range of continuous development training programmes to ensure all crew and vessels are aligned with up-to-date legislation, safeguarding all vessels and ensuring all of our customers’ interests.

Frequent on board presence from senior leaders is also a critical component of our ethos and success. It enables us to build personal relationships with the crew and deliver effective ship-to-shore communications with ship management firmly on board the ship.

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