Offshore Wind Management System®

The Offshore Wind Management System (OWMS)® provides real-time data to ensure safe, efficient and economic management of offshore wind farms.

OWMS® provides real-time operational data that enhances decision making, through full operational oversight, to maximise the productivity of offshore wind farms.

A sophisticated marine management system, developed in response to customer demand and engagement, OWMS® focuses on the industry-wide drive to reduce the cost of megawatt per hour for offshore wind. 

The modular system helps operators make informed decisions by providing real-time data from various sources, infield and inter-field, to enable interactive, responsive and safe assessments to be made. Immersive and intuitively designed modules can be fully customised to your individual requirements.

Watch the OWMS® video or download the OWMS® brochure now.

  • Enables efficient management of operational activities
  • Enhances safety of personnel during vessel transfers
  • Reduces costs through efficient management and planning
  • Captures historic data for post-operation analysis
  • Allows future operational predictions to be made
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Offshore Wind Management System®