Offshore support vessel

James Fisher provides specialist project offshore vessels for operations around the UK and across European waters.

James Fisher's dedicated offshore support vessel is designed to balance high performance with cost-effectiveness.

Dart Fisher is our latest offshore support vessel; a flexible, multi-role craft ideal for conducting support operations in renewable and other maritime engineering sectors. Its high carrying capacity minimises the number of visits needed to a site, further reducing costs and increasing operational flexibility.

The vessel’s high quality specification also includes marine grade aluminium construction for damage survivability, large fuel capacity and superior propulsion and performance solutions.

Dart Fisher capabilities: 

  • Air and Nitrox diving
  • ROV operations
  • Ship-to-Turbine™
  • Underwater surveys
  • Onboard workshop
  • Offshore refuelling
  • Crew and equipment transfer

For more information please read our offshore support vessel brochure.

Dart Fisher delivers many benefits to offer a more efficient, integrated offshore solution by performing multiple capabilities in one operation.

  • Internationally recognised DNV certification ensuring high quality performance and reliability
  • Versatile, long-range solution operating up to 150 nautical miles from safe haven
  • Reduces the number of dedicated vessels needed and amount of site visits required
  • Delivers significant cost reductions and increased operational efficiency
  • Capable of supporting crew for long periods in the field with accommodation, sewage treatment and fresh water-making facilities
  • Easily adapted to support technicians with the addition of a SOLAS A60 accommodation module
  • Offers high-speed crew, equipment and operational transit – even with a high payload
  • State-of-the-art monitoring systems to deliver live and accurate data to assist owners, charterers and crew during operations

The operational efficiency of Dart Fisher reduces costs and streamlines supply chains through the delivery of James Fisher’s fully integrated solution.

  • DNV 1 category, 1 certification
  • Practical fresh water-making capability – at a rate of up to 100 litres/hr – allowing the vessel to work autonomously
  • Transports up to 8 generators per day (based on a standard 50kVA model weighing 2,780kg) enabling greater efficiency in servicing offshore turbines
  • 60ft ISO rails to support up to 30T of cargo in a combination of 20ft and 10ft containers
  • Hercules HHBT bow thrusters to deliver greater operational manoeuvrability
  • Palfinger deck-mounted crane supports ROV launch, recovery and general lifting on vessel
  • Oil spill boom deployment equipment to aid rapid response in contamination situations
  • State-of-the-art Furuno navigation and communications suite, complete with integrated ECDIS and ARPA radar, GMDSS VHF and HF radios, remote control bridge wing stations, satellite broadband and satellite phone
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Offshore support vessel