Mermaid® - marine economic risk management aid. The most sophisticated marine operations planning software available.

Project schedules and costs can be significantly affected by the weather and wave and tidal forces leading to unpredictable risks in offshore activities.

Mermaid® is a sophisticated marine operations and analysis system that quantifies weather risk by forecasting its impact on simulated project plans. The system allows marine contractors to optimise plans through accurate modelling and scenario planning, enabling significant cost reductions and project optimisation.

How can Mermaid® support your marine operations?

Thanks to its exceptional level of technical and operational accuracy, Mermaid® is the only system that can accurately predict weather risk for detailed marine operations.

Mermaid® uses historic hindcast weather data for specific project sites to precisely quantify the weather risk and therefore determine the optimal and risk-minimised weather window for your project.

By using hindcast data instead of averaged theoretical weather, Mermaid® is uniquely accurate in its predictions – proven to within 1% of actual project timescales.


Mermaid® features Mermaid® applications
Quantify and mitigate weather risk Investment appraisal

Create detailed task analysis and simulation of marine operations

Bid creation and review
Optimise marine projects and reduce costs Project and device optimisation
Achieve true weather analysis Port and vessel selection
 Real hindcast weather data Weather risk insurance


Download the Mermaid® marine economic risk management aid brochure.


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