Load shackles

James Fisher’s robust, easy-to-use load shackles provide an effective means of measuring tensile loads.

With an innovative design, our load shackles are ideal for use in a variety of applications and difficult environments. 

Constructed with a stainless steel pin, anti-rotation plate and fitted loading bobbin, load shackle capacities range from 2 to 1,000 tonnes and are fully customisable to customers' specific needs.

You can now purchase standard load shackles online for delivery in the UK!

Standard load shackles, both cabled and wireless, are available for immediate purchase and UK-wide delivery range from 8.5 to 200 tonnes.


Our cabled load shackles provide a simple yet reliable method of measuring a wide range of weights and loads. We design and manufacture cables load shackles to measure tensile loads using a double shear strain gauged element. Capabilities range from 3 tonnes to up to 1,000 tonnes.

The Type 4881 extreme temperature load shackles have been specifically designed for use in harsh environments.  For load shackles being used in sub-zero conditions, they are supplied with special cables and low temperature resistant metal.

Our telemetry load shackles are ideal for applications where the use of traditional cable shackles would limit distance or movement. Telemetry load shackles are also suitable in hazardous applications where, for safety reasons, a greater distance is needed between the load and the operator.

To meet underwater environment requirements, James Fisher’s underwater load cells are made from a single billet of high tensile stainless steel and a welded cap and are tested after gauging.

Our Type 5395 underwater load shackles are provided with deep-sea protection and subcon connectors. These are available with "D" or "Bow" shackle bodies, load centralising bobbins, plug and socket extensions, displays and signal conditioning units and carry cases. Once installed, underwater load cell access is limited, so they have a robust design, achieving optimum reliability.

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Load shackles