Container Weight System™

The Container Weight System (CWS)™ is a real-time container weight verification system that supports terminal operators with IMO SOLAS compliance.

CWS™ integrates industry-standard twist locks and components with our strain gauge technology and instrumentation to create an accurate load measurement solution. CWS™ is easily retrofitted, requiring no modifications, nor is there a need to make any alterations to an existing spreader arrangement.

CWS™ was developed in response to ports and terminals industry needs to accurately verify container weights and identify eccentric loading conditions. James Fisher produced a detailed white paper as an objective assessment of the key issues facing regulators and port and terminal operators in the implementation of robust and cost-effective solutions for accurate, repeatable and seamless integration of weight verification technology. 

For more information and to view a container weight verification technical paper, visit the container weight verification compliance page on James Fisher group company Strainstall's website.

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Container Weight System™