X-ray inspection systems

James Fisher provides a range of standard and customised X-ray inspection systems, designed to suit various requirements in a number of industries.

Whether the system is built into a shielded cabinet or installed in a shielded enclosure or room, it is designed with radiation safety in mind and with appropriate safety interlocks to ensure safe operation. We can assess an existing shielded facility for suitability or design new shielding and back the installation up with verification and testing.

Our inspection system includes a comprehensive image processing software that manages the entire inspection process, from image capture through viewing to record keeping and archive. With 16-bit image capture and storage, electronic mark-ups of images and optional automatic defect recognition algorithms and image enhancement tools, the system has the capability to fully support any industrial requirement.

This software can interface with a wide range of X-ray generators and detectors, enabling a wide variety of standard and bespoke systems to meet a particular inspection requirement.

Our X-ray inspection systems include:

  • Standard X-ray inspection systems
  • Bespoke X-ray inspection systems
  • High voltage X-ray generators
  • Comprehensive service and support

For more information on some of the group companies who offer this service please click on the links below:

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X-ray inspection systems