Vessel Motion Monitoring System™

The Vessel Motion Monitoring System (VMMS)™ significantly improves the safety levels of wind turbine transfer boats during critical operations.

VMMS™ allows the user to monitor all motion parameters rather than relying on significant wave height as the main limiting factor, meaning the operational window is increased.

The Vessel Motion Monitoring System™ is designed for the two main operational phases: the transit phase (from shore to the wind farm) and the docking phase (transferring personnel to the turbines).

For more information view our Vessel Motion Monitoring System (VMMS)TM brochure.

  • Provides accurate motion monitoring
  • Simple (non-intrusive) systems
  • Collects data for statistical/analytical purposes
  • User friendly, easy-to-interpret displays
  • Alarms provide warnings when heave levels reach pre-set limits
  • Improves safety during vessel transfer operations
  • Protects personnel from injuries or accidents during transfers
  • Provides an objective assessment of conditions
  • Mitigates against nausea and sickness of personnel
  • Protects the vessel and equipment from sustaining damage
  • Can be incorporated as part of the Offshore Wind Management System™

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Vessel Motion Monitoring System™