Structural monitoring

James Fisher provides a comprehensive range of structural monitoring services, both on-site and remotely, across a range of industries.

We understand our customers' core requirement to maximise asset performance and safety levels while improving maintenance efficiencies.

Our full scope of structural health monitoring services includes on-site inspection, as well as remote monitoring using our specially developed software, to assess the condition, serviceability and compliance of your asset. From project design to long-term maintenance and data handling, we can assist with all your asset management needs.

Smart Asset Management (SAMS)

The Smart Asset Management System (SAMS) is at the heart of many of our structural monitoring capabilities. The SAMS solution utilises the latest open source technology stack, IoT and big data analytics technologies to provide a fully scalable solution for all types of infrastructure. SAMS integrates multiple data sources to create intelligent insights for asset managers, helping to improve safety, extend asset life and optimise maintenance management to create significant efficiencies and cost savings.


 James Fisher structural monitoring services include:

BridgeWatch is a proven application of instrumentation combined with our advanced Smart Asset Management (SAMS) software stack that has been used to optimise bridge management on assets worldwide, including the Queensferry Crossing, Mersey Gateway, Pont de Normandie and Penang bridge to name but a few. You can find out more about BridgeWatch here

Wheel impact load detection is a trackside asset protection system specifically designed for rail applications where wheel impact diagnosis is required to individual wheel level. This provides early warning of potential damage to track or rolling stock and supports decision making on operational restrictions and/or remedial action.

Our purpose built brake force measuring load cells ensure that the train breaking system delivers an even and sufficient force between the brake pad and disc or, in the case of block brakes, between block and wheel.

Our railway bridge strike system provides the bridge owner with immediately accessible information on the severity of a bridge strike via a signal box display to the local signaller and infrastructure maintainers.

Protect your bridge with an over-height vehicle detection system (OVDS). The OVDS identifies over-height vehicles and warns drivers with visual and audio cues to encourage them to change route before they reach your bridge.

We provide ground movement monitoring to alert asset owners of any changes to structural integrity so any remedial action can be taken if necessary.

Our landslip monitoring systems provide warnings in the event of ground movement or conditions change such that movement could happen.

We hold the patent for the most widely used points pin in the rail industry. Our points pin replaces a component within railway points to monitor the force required for operation.

We have extensive experience in the installation of deflection and displacements measurement systems that capture data at a sufficient rate to enable full deflection and displacement characteristics to be measured.

We provide in-situ stress measurement services for metallic components and have also developed the technique to enable 'through thickness' residual stresses to be determined.

Our flood monitoring system has been designed for rail bridges that frequently experience flash flooding. The flood monitoring system incorporates water level sensors, displacement sensors and a camera.

We are a leading supplier of condition monitoring systems to the rail industry, providing turnkey solutions that monitor dynamic loading, crack displacement, stress and strain to provide advanced warning of any structural deterioration in order to identify any problems and determine the cause and the most appropriate action.

We provide tunnel monitoring systems that utilise robotic total stations and monitoring prisms to compare measured values with design values to give an accurate indication of tunnel stability. Our monitoring system helps to ensure the safety of a tunnel over its lifespan and to facilitate planned and targeted maintenance. 

We provide fatigue life monitoring services to developers of prototype vehicles and machinery by fitting strain gauges at key locations and collecting data whilst the vehicle/machine is subjected to testing.

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Structural monitoring