Onshore geotechnical monitoring

James Fisher has provided onshore geotechnical and structural movement monitoring services for construction projects worldwide.

Our geotechnical monitoring services include both short and long-term monitoring of geotechnical formations and structures such as retaining walls, embankments, foundations, cliffs, buildings and bridges.

Our unique approach to data management allows the real-time distribution of key monitoring information to all interested parties which in turn allows informed decision making, improving overall project performance in terms of both safety and productivity.

Our geotechnical and structural movement monitoring services include:

We provide ground movement monitoring to alert asset owners of any changes to structural integrity so any remedial action can be taken if necessary.

Using a comprehensive selection of measurement methods, including robotic total stations with prismatic targets, crackmeters and tiltmeters, our ground monitoring systems are provided with remote access to the data and generate alarms if trigger levels are exceeded.

Our landslip monitoring systems provide warnings in the event of ground movement or condition changes such that movement could happen.

Key sensors are fitted in the location of potential slip circles to detect creep movements, ground movement and ground water levels and measurements are taken continually to monitor whether ground conditions present a risk of landslip, or if movement has actually been detected.

Our foundation monitoring systems provide invaluable data for design verification and generate warnings if conditions change to prevent failure from occurring.

We provide tunnel monitoring systems that utilise robotic total stations and monitoring prisms to compare measured values with design values to give an accurate indication of tunnel stability.

Typically tunnel monitoring is required when construction works are being carried out nearby to assess the impact of ground movements, noise and vibration. Long-term monitoring is also required to ensure the safety of a tunnel over its lifespan and to facilitate planned and targeted maintenance. 

Pile testing is critical in the verification of foundation design parameters. We provide a range of pile testing services, including static pile testing, cross-hole analysis, high and low strain dynamic pile testing and bi-directional static load testing (BDSLT).

Our monitoring solutions provide users with highly accurate data to support the formulation of remedial actions as required.

We supply a range of high quality geotechnical instrumentation and are an agent for Geokon Inc. - an innovative leader in vibrating wire technology. These instruments are primarily used for monitoring the safety and stability of civil and mining structures such as dams, tunnels, foundations, piles, bridges, embankments and pipelines.

Not only do we provide the geotechnical instrumentation necessary to undertake the project, more importantly, we provide expert guidance and experience from our long history of providing geotechnical monitoring solutions.

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