Offshore safety systems

James Fisher designs, manufactures and supplies complete safety systems for a wide range of offshore structures, including tension leg platforms (TLPs).

Our offshore safety systems play a crucial role in sustaining operational safety and efficient offshore structure and platform management, inspection and maintenance.

We are unique in being able to design and manufacture complete safety systems, from high performance load cells to custom-designed, fully integrated packages that monitor parameters such as vessel draft and ballast, metocean conditions, vessel loading and structural dynamics.

We design and manufacture a comprehensive range of crane weighing and overload protection systems to meet the needs of offshore marine crane users and improve crane safety.

Our FPSO swivel monitoring system uses load pins installed in the joint between the swivel body and driving arms.

Signals are routed to either dedicated instrumentation or integrated into the FPSO's control system to eliminate the risk of catastrophic failure. Our load pins and amplifiers are intrinsically safe, so installation and maintenance does not require hot-work.

James Fisher's Integrated Marine Monitoring System (IMMS) provides a complete monitoring and control solution for both fixed and floating offshore structures.

Our IMMS provides operators with real-time data and reporting from a number of parameters on the hull allowing full visibility and control during installation and simplified topside connection.

Our integrated berth management systems have been designed to enhance safety and assist the mooring master during ship-to-ship operations.

The full suite of systems includes DockAlert™, quick release mooring hooks, load measuring pins and an offshore berth management system to provide control room personnel with full display, alarms and logging of all critical operational data with pre-set safety limits and alarms to aid ship-to-ship transfer.

Our anchor load monitoring and hawser monitoring systems provide real-time data on mooring tensions for all types of production vessels, including turret and conventional spread mooring installations.

Our riser tension monitoring systems provide real-time data on riser loads and are capable of monitoring numerous measurement channels concurrently to provide a wide variety of analytical capabilities for offshore oil production facilities.

Our jack-up rig leg load monitoring systems enable the precise control of jacking down and the safe rising of the rig to its operational height. The systems accurately monitor the load and tilt of jack-up rig legs during important rig jacking operations.

Our Tendon Tension Monitoring System (TTMS)™ provides real-time data for monitoring tendon tension on TLPs and other offshore structures.

We are unique in being able to design, manufacture and supply complete systems, from load cells through to display software, to provide a broad selection of analytical capabilities.

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Offshore safety systems