Nuclear plant characterisations

James Fisher provides plant and waste characterisation services that deliver an improved understanding of plant conditions.

We provide a range of services, including camera and radiation surveys for visual inspection, thermal imaging surveys and radiation surveys, to industrial clients operating in challenging environments.

  • Laser scanning - used to determine the precise spatial location of items
  • Sonar scanning - assesses underwater profiles and the depth of sludges
  • Rheology surveys - assesses the behaviour of sludges
  • Radiometric surveys - gamma dose rate mapping

As well as a conventional and advanced NDT, we have developed an innovative range of non-destructive testing systems which can be deployed remotely.

We have significant capability in the application of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for accessing underwater locations to deploy inspection technology, with UAVs and crawler ROVs available as platforms for sensor deployment. For further information on our remote handling capabilities please visit mechanical and remote handling.

For more information on some of the group companies who offer this service please click on the links below:

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Nuclear plant characterisations