Load cells

James Fisher's reliable and highly accurate load cells, with strain gauged technology, are designed for use in harsh environments.

Our highly accurate load cells have the capability to monitor all load paths and are fully customisable to fulfil a range of applications and customers' specific needs, including industrial, marine, subsea and hazardous areas.

Our certified load cells can be used independently or in sets combined with our wide range of standard and special instrumentation packages. Reliable hermetic sealing ensures continuous reliable operation in difficult areas, with many of our load cells being designed specifically for long-term service on offshore tension-leg platforms (TLPs) and other similar structures.

Our compression load cells begin at a load capacity of 50kg right up to 100 tonnes. These high strength stainless steel compression load cells are fully environmentally protected. We can also design and manufacture specialist bespoke load cells that can be up to 3,000 tonnes.

Our range of beam load cells offers advantages in all kinds of weighing applications. The beam load cells are available in capacities ranging from 20kgs to 4,500kg.

We provide hazardous area certified options for the majority of our load cells range, including compression, tension and shear options. Ranging in capacity from 10kg to 3,000 tonnes, they can also be manufactured to suit customers’ specific applications.

Our tension load cells range is an effective alternative to load shackles and is available in three main types - flat plate, 'S' or 'Z' beam and tensile columns.

Our high temperature load cells are manufactured from high tensile stainless steel using special gauges, adhesives, wiring and cable to ensure long-term, reliable operations. We supply high temperature load cells that can operate in temperatures up to 160°c.

Ranging in capacity from 10kg to 3,000 tonnes, our tension and compression load cells can be used in both tensile and compressive modes and can be manufactured to suit specific applications.

The tension and compression load cells are most commonly utilised in test rigs for the purposes of product assessment, prototype development, generation of design data and validation of analytical models.

We provide wireless options for our load cells range that are ideal for situations where the use of traditional cabled load cells would limit distance or movement. Wireless load cells are also suitable in hazardous applications where, for safety reasons, a greater distance is needed between the load and the operator.

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Load cells