Intelligent Fender System (IFS)™ 

James Fisher’s Intelligent Fender System (IFS)™ has been designed to significantly improve safety by monitoring push-on forces during offshore transfers.

IFS™ offers reassurance to vessel owners, crew and wind farm owners by measuring the forces generated during push-on operations by transmitting real-time data to the bridge, ensuring the forces exerted onto the offshore asset don't exceed the pre-determined limits.

IFS™ consists of a sophisticated bow fender with integrated load cells mounted within a sub-frame, which has been designed to maximise load cell sensitivity and to ensure the greatest level of accuracy. This enables the ship's master to safely stay within these parameters whilst still enabling optimum engine thrust to ensure safe transit.

For more information read our Intelligent Fender System™ brochure.

  • Measures the forces generated by the vessel as it docks against a wind turbine
  • Delivers accurate live data to vessel skipper during operations
  • Provides historic data that can be used to assist in legal matters
  • Develop understanding of cumulative effect of multiple boat landings
  • Has the ability to interface with any fender arrangement
  • Can quantify and monitor fender performance and any fender mounting issues
  • Facilitates the safe transfer of personnel
  • Reduces costs through the optimisation of fuel consumption
  • Ensures the integrity of turbine structures
  • Mitigates against damage to monopiles and transition pieces
  • Designed for simple installation and removal
  • Easily configurable and modified to suit bow
  • Can be used for safety, analytical or corroborative purposes
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Intelligent Fender System (IFS)™