Construction plant productivity and safety

James Fisher is well established as a market leader of efficient and safe systems for plant operations.

Our ProGrade range of innovative 2D and 3D machine control and guidance systems can simplify earthmoving operations and increase efficiency. The systems inform operators of the precise position of an excavator’s tools or bucket-to-centre metre accuracy, which has shown productivity improvements of up to 50% in previous customer applications.

ProGrade is suitable for deployment in a number of applications including road construction, quarrying and mining, dredging, earthworks and ground engineering.

Our range of safety systems are designed to ensure that construction plant equipment is able to achieve optimum efficiency within safe operating parameters and maximises commercial results whilst remaining LOLER compliant.

Our ProGrade range includes:

Digmaster grade control and graphic depth system is an entry-level 2D machine guidance system that uses real-time and depth information displayed through the graphical user interface in the cab. The system ensures accurate grade control for backhoes and excavators and is capable of working to accuracies of 2cm to the bucket teeth when the reference point has been established. 

Digmaster Pro features 2D/3D grade control for excavators and meets the requirements of the civil earthmoving market. 3D machine guidance system mode allows a surveyed design, also known as a Digital Terrain Map (DTM), to be uploaded into the cab.

The machine is located on the DTM using global GNSS technology connected to the system. Using this approach, grade control to accuracies of 2cm can be achieved anywhere within the digital terrain map.

Based on the Digmaster Pro, our pcX-Pro machine control system accepts a wide variety of terrain map formats, which are independent of the job size, using our own propriety Pro-Job software, providing improved productivity with seamless integration between design and construction.

Our plant safety range includes:

A reliable and intuitive product, PME100 enables you to limit the working height of any articulating machine repeatedly, dynamically and automatically. PME100 is suitable for telehandlers, excavators, forklifts and cranes, amongst others.

A pre-configured, cost-effective solution is available in the form of our PME400 product – with a range of functions for customers needing envelope (height and slew) protection.

PME700 is a stability system specifically for high reach demolition equipment. It warns machine operators if stability is compromised through the monitoring of all planes of the machine.

Slopemaster provides operator guidance as a cost-effective machine envelope monitoring system. It was designed with mini excavators in mind, and incorporates a sensor and data logging functionality.

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Construction plant productivity and safety