Condition monitoring

James Fisher provides intelligent condition monitoring solutions and services to supports its customers in the optimisation of maintenance strategies to help improve the condition and performance of their assets.

James Fisher is expertly placed to offer bespoke condition monitoring solutions to suit even the most complex requirements, enabling you to eliminate unscheduled breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs and increase your operational capability.

Mimic Condition Monitoring software provides vessel owners and operators with live decision-making data relating to asset condition, performance and efficiency to ensure vessels remain operational and on hire. This allows commercial ship owners and operators to increase revenue through improved vessel reliability and availability which in turn helps to maintain reputation. It will also reduce significant costs associated with being off-hire as a result of mechanical breakdown. For military vessels Mimic ensures every mission is completed as smoothly as possible. The avoidance of intrusive and breakdown maintenance and associated unnecessary spare parts consumption provides cost savings.

Our expertise is focused on providing condition monitoring software that companies’ maintenance decisions are driven by the condition and performance of assets rather than on recommended time bases. As such, the need for unnecessary maintenance is reduced.

Benefits of James Fisher Mimic solutions:

  • Precision and complex software that is simple to operate and user friendly
  • Comprehensive data collection and analysis systems that provide meaningful data at the right time
  • Focused and created for the maritime and marine industry sector
  • Designed and built to satisfy condition monitoring requirements without expensive unnecessary functions

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James Fisher Mimic

Intelligent condition monitoring solutions and services

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