Condition monitoring

James Fisher provides condition monitoring services that supports its customers in the optimisation of maintenance strategies to help improve the condition and performance of their assets.

James Fisher is expertly placed to offer bespoke condition monitoring solutions to suit even the most complex requirements, enabling you to eliminate unscheduled breakdowns, reduce maintenance costs and increase your operational capability.

Our expertise is focused on providing condition monitoring software so that companies’ maintenance decisions are driven by the condition and performance of assets rather than on recommended time basis. As such, the need for unnecessary maintenance is reduced.

Mimic, our condition monitoring software, allows the performance status of equipment to be assessed, giving personnel the insight needed to replace or repair poor performing equipment before failure occurs, delivering;

  • Data acquisition
  • Data analysis
  • Information reporting

Electrical thermography: We use infrared cameras to safely and easily evaluate faults, such as tightness of joints and connections, as well as identify any evidence of tracking, all without the need for equipment switch-off.

Hot area thermography: We provide the reassurance that all is safe and fully compliant with legislation, as the exposure of hot surfaces puts individuals at risk and can cause accidents.

Our turbocharger monitoring system detects a fault immediately, allowing costs to be reduced when compared with unscheduled breakdowns and repair as it allows repair to be scheduled well before failure occurs.

We have developed a comprehensive measuring system for turbochargers through working alongside leading cruise line operators, and our innovative software can monitor up to four turbochargers simultaneously.

Our award-winning motor condition monitor is used for predicting the maintenance needs of motor-based machinery and electric motors. By measuring only voltages and currents, the system provides insight into any deterioration in the motor’s functioning.

The motor condition monitor can detect conditions arising from faulty bearings, misalignment errors, load imbalance and isolation, as well as a variety of electrical and mechanical faults.

Our oil analysis reporter has been designed with ease of use in mind. Mimic imports oil analysis data directly from laboratories quickly and identifies problems such as lubricant degradation and oil contamination to provide a full overview of the health of your assets. Oil analysis reporter can be tailored to suit the needs of differing organisations.

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