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Shark watch: intelligent buoys boost protection

Swimmers off the Australian coast are enjoying safer seas with Fendercare's hi-tech buoys.

Future stars

Discover how Subtech is inspiring a new generation of maritime students in South Africa.

Dampier: more wharf traffic down under

Investigating increasing capability of Port of Dampier floating pontoon.

Hand-in-hand with BAE

Mimic working closely with BAE Systems to research whole ship condition and energy monitoring.

Number one for operational excellence

JFSS is thrilled to have won the operational excellence award at the second Tanker Shipping and Trade Conference in London.

Rule Britannia!

JF Mimic rules the waves with its condition monitoring software onboard the UK's largest cruise ship.

Hollywood comes to Aberdeen!

Saturation diving hits the big screen at the National Hyperbaric Centre!

Launch of James Fisher Subsea

Newly formed James Fisher Subsea brings together all group diving and ROV services to provide a world-leading subsea capability.

Digging deep

Recent acquisitions make JFSE a world leader in subsea mass flow excavation.

Subsea can be a minefield

James Fisher has devised an innovative solution to a potentially explosive offshore problem for the renewables industry.

Unleashing the new ROV fleet

Newly acquired work class ROV has already been mobilised with an exciting new contract from DOF Subsea.

Powering-up the Malaysian market

James Fisher Offshore is appointed sole Ingersoll Rand distributor in the Far East.

Under the surface with: Greg Raaff CEO of Subtech

When Subtech was looking for potential investors to take the company to the next level, its CEO Greg Raff led it towards James Fisher - we find out why.

Subsea investment

James Fisher enhances its offshore capabilities with the purchase of subsea assets from X-Subsea and S3.

Deep understanding

Fendercare completes new diving equipment and services contract for offshore installations as part of the Liverpool Bay complex in the Irish Sea.

Finding the TOTAL solution with JFMFE

James Fisher Mass Flow Excavation (JFMFE) receives a glowing endorsement from TOTAL after solving a seabed-clearing problem.

Under the surface with: Danny Rhodes

As ROV technician with Osiris, Danny Rhodes has been involved in exciting new initiatives for its ROV fleet - we found out more.

JFD expands new SEAL base in Sweden

JFD has opened a new manufacture and maintenance facility in Vaxholm near Stockholm, larger and better configured than its previous plant, which employs 20 marine engineers and support staff.

Lifting Weak Link Bails to the next level

ScanTech AS’s highly innovative and simple Weak Link Bail (WLB) system has been successfully deployed on floating rigs worldwide.

Forging stronger links

RMSpumptools re-designs its subsea wet-mate connectors and wins more contracts.

Diving into the 21st Century

Divex wins multi-million pound contract to build state-of-the-art saturation diving system for BP Exploration under the Caspian Sea.

James Fisher and Sons plc | James Fisher Nuclear at Sellafield

Trials of a new technique for clearing sludge from nuclear ponds using remotely operated vehicles proves a success.

Galway Fisher wins award for safety

The Master and Chief Engineer of James Fisher Everard (JFE) tanker Galway Fisher have been awarded a certificate by global engineering and technical services organisation, Lloyds Register, for 4,000 days of Lost Time Injury (LTI)-free operation.

Star performer

Two major contracts see significant developments in the Scan Tech AS service offering.

Testing conditions for Strainstall’s rig stability project

Atrocious weather conditions made tough work of a Red Sea pile testing assignment for Strainstall Middle East project engineers Mahmood Ur Rahman Khan and Santosh Pappy Varghese.

Osiris attains key safety association membership

Osiris Marine Services has gained a vital health and safety membership of the Remote Systems and ROV division of the IMCA (International Maritime Contractors Association).

Subsea Vision boosts ROV expertise

The latest addition to the James Fisher group is Subsea Vision, a Dorset-based firm of underwater survey specialists.

ScanTech Offshore advances safety

ScanTech Offshore, market leaders in well test support services, has announced the development of a revolutionary new burner, and is soon to launch a game-changing fully automated sub pump deployment system.

Fisher Offshore supports Subsea 7 in Gorgon project

Fisher Offshore has completed its first fully integrated installation and support project in the Gorgon field off the coast of Western Australia.

Renewable application for proven technology

RMSpumptools has applied its expertise in wet mate technology to develop a range of subsea wet mateable electrical connectors to meet the needs of the marine energy sector.

Inspection diving in the Celtic Sea

Fendercare Marine diving team helps to inspect the subsea structure of one of Ireland’s longest-established gas production platforms.

Crossing the equator - a new experience for some crew members

As cadets in the JFE coastal fleet, it was perhaps unsurprising that Lewis Williams, Sophia Walker and Patryk Ciesielczyk had not previously crossed the equator by ship.

Fendercare Marine wins floating hose contract in Ghana

Major floating hose support contract for TEN oil field development project in Ghana, West Africa.

Diving into the future

The acquisition of subsea-specialist company, HSSE, enhances offshore profile and capabilities for the James Fisher group.

Cost saving initiative out at sea

James Fisher Mimic has teamed up with BAE Systems to monitor and boost vessel efficiency at sea.

Enterprising students win maritime challenge

James Fisher boosts awareness of maritime careers for young people with exciting educational initiative.

Under the surface with: Doug Austin

JFD has boosted its leading position in the saturation diving systems market with a multi-million pound contract with Chinese company, Shanghai Salvage. We meet Doug Austin who headed up negotiations for the project.

JFSE designs underwater trenching tool

James Fisher Subsea Excavation has developed a powerful new tool capable of trenching large diameter pipelines in a single pass.

Under the surface with: Tanya Valova

We find out how Tanya Valova, of Australian marine engineering consultancy Maritime Engineers, has been forging strong links with other James Fisher group companies.

Ground control to Major Tom

JFD's communication system, HeliCom Matrix makes the world's first astronaut-to-deep-sea-diver conversation possible.

Inspection, operation and insight

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has made two important acquisitions which strengthen the company's offering to existing and potential clients.

HSSE diver in it for the long run

While most of us were enjoying a relaxing Easter weekend, professional diver Adam Fryer was powering his way through a 156 mile ultra-marathon across the Sahara desert.

James Fisher bids farewell to Captain Smith

After a lifetime working at sea and 20 years with James Fisher, Captain Dennis Smith has retired.

Apprentice of the year award

A Hughes Sub-Surface Engineering apprentice has been awarded apprentice of the year at Liverpool Marine Engineers' and Naval Architects' Guild.

Diving into the Chinese market

JFD’s newly formed joint venture with a Chinese diving equipment company has landed its first major contract

COBRA breathing system fully operational

JFD’s sophisticated new diver breathing system completes its first commercial project.

A strong family history in shipping

James Fisher Everard has a new managing director.

A supersized refuelling mission

James Fisher group companies joined forces to re-fuel the 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in Scotland prior to its launch in December.

JF Rumic to the rescue

James Fisher Rumic to the rescue when cable installation on the Beatrice wind farm on the Moray Firth in Scotland was put on hold briefly.

JFMS 'Best Construction Supplier 2017' award win

JFMS voted ‘Best Construction Supplier 2017’ at the HPC excellence awards by EDF Energy.

Making the grade

JFSS was delighted to hear at the end of 2017 that two of its Officer Trainees had received outstanding achievement awards.

Ardent-Subtech to the rescue

When a yachts competing in the Clipper Round the World race ran aground at Africa’s Cape Peninsula, a team from Ardent-Subtech was sent in to help.

Lightening the aquaculture load

Scottish aquaculture companies have begun to adopt Scotload’s specialised load-analysing links on their nets to compliance with industry lifting regulations.

Saudi partnership for Fendercare Marine

Thanks to a new partnership with GAC Saudi Arabia, Fendercare Marine’s range of products and equipment is now available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Safeguarding salmon farms from construction noise

Scan Tech AS in Norway has developed a new high-performance bubble curtain technology designed to project marine life from the noise produced by underwater seismic testing.

Exciting new offshore applications for Strainstall

Strainstall has identified a new application for its wireless data logging technology in a move that opens up great new opportunities for offshore markets in the Middle East.

48-years at sea for Captain Ahmad

Captain Mir Ahmad is going into retirement at the age of 70 after an amazing 48 years at sea – 25 of them with the James Fisher group.

Mimic award for Astute work

James Fisher Mimic has received a special commendation award from BAE Systems Submarines for outstanding performance, professionalism and support.

Fendering the world’s largest heavy lift vessel

SembCorp Marine, which is building a new-generation self-propelled, semi-submersible crane vessel approached Fendercare Marine for high quality protective equipment

Bringing up the Barracuda

A specialised team at James Fisher Marine Services has been working to safely bring a World War 2 bomber in the English Channel to the surface

Martek Marine's new products

With a focus on improving ship safety, performance and crew welfare, Martek adds new products to its shipping industry range

Late night rescue mission

A James Fisher tanker played a part in the rescue of stranded migrants in the Mediterranean.

Future-proofing workout for condition monitoring software

James Fisher Mimic is taking advantage of a suite of new contracts to develop and future-proof its marine condition monitoring software.

Ship shape at Kismayo Port

Subtech Marine has successfully completed a complex and delicate salvage operation in Somalia’s strategically important port of Kismayo.

Sampling the water of the Atlantic sinks

James Fisher’s recently acquired oil tanker, Raleigh Fisher, is conducting important environmental tests for the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) as it sails across the world as part of her present charter.

MoD refuelling mission

In the last few months James Fisher Shipping Services (JFSS) has conducted a complex but successful refuelling of the Royal Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the Prince of Wales.

MoD thank you letter

14 members of crew on board the tanker vessel Raleigh Fisher have received personal letters of thanks from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in acknowledgement of the extended service many of them were required to work during lockdown.

Covid-safe testing at Mermaid

A team from EDS HV had to rapidly adjust to the challenges of working during lockdown to complete a termination and testing project on the Mermaid concession of the SeaMade Offshore Wind Farm off the coast of Belgium.

Vattenfall blade repair contract

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS) has landed a contract to deliver specialist blade maintenance and repair services for turbines on Vattenfall wind farms across Northern Europe.

Load monitoring for aquaculture

The team which specialises in load-monitoring solutions for the oil and gas, and renewables sectors, is now designing and manufacturing bespoke asset-monitoring shackles for offshore fish farms.

Keeping the noise down at sea

ScanTech Offshore is expanding fast into renewables with a sequence of major contracts to support the construction of wind farms worldwide through using its specialised fleet of air compressors to support the creation of ‘bubble curtains’.

Managing offshore assets with new a digital partnership

James Fisher AIS has formed a new digital partnership with Manchester-based tech company, SRO Solutions to create an innovative asset management system for the maritime and offshore sectors.

STOP PRESS - Nanobubbles breathe life into aquaculture

Scan Tech Norway has begun live testing of its Nanobubble Aquaculture Oxygenation system in the fjords of South West Norway.

Ship-to-ship transfers ready to flow in Ghent

Despite the challenges presented by the global economy in the wake of the Covid pandemic, Fendercare Marine is continuing to expand its STS operations.

Meeting the MoD’s equipment needs

Fendercare Marine has been awarded a contract by the Royal Navy to supply standard and bespoke deck and mooring equipment for all five of its new Type 31 frigates.

New LNG transfer system wins approval of global energy major

Fendercare Marine has conducted ship-to-ship (STS) transfers of liquified natural gas (LNG) for one of the global leading energy companies.

Major new software release accelerates marine digital transition

James Fisher Mimic (JFM) has launched a significant upgrade to its condition monitoring technology for the global maritime and marine defence sectors.

STOP PRESS | Meeting new subsea inspection challenges

James Fisher Subtech has completed a challenging subsea inspection, repair and maintenance project off the coast of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Steel cutting milestone for two dual fuel vessels

James Fisher Tankships is adding two new liquified natural gas (LNG) powered clean petroleum products (CPP)/IMO II tankers to the James Fisher Everard (JFE) fleet.