01 June 2015

Subsea gets new Air Nitrox system.

James Fisher’s specialist subsea service provider, Osiris, strengthens its diving capability with new state-of-the-art Bauer Enriched Air Nitrox system.

Bauer membrane production system significantly increases operational efficiency with on-site gas cylinder refilling capability Osiris, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, is pleased to announce successful receipt of its new Bauer Enriched Air Nitrox diving system. Significantly increasing its diving capability, Osiris’s strategy of continuous improvement means it can now deliver integrated Nitrox diving services with highly trained Nitrox divers, enabling increased operational efficiency for its customers.
The state-of-the-art system offers a safe and cost-effective solution by enabling longer dive times with a potential reduction in the required number of divers on-site as well creating the potential to reduce operational downtime, as the system is capable of blending gas and refilling cylinders on-site.
The arrival of the Enriched Air Nitrox system further enhances Osiris’s diving capabilities and demonstrates its commitment to delivering world class standards in everything they do. Osiris was also the first UK based company to undertake a commercial Nitrox diver training course at The Underwater Centre in April 2014. Aiden West, managing director of Osiris (now James Fisher Subsea), explains:
“With health and safety underpinning all offshore subsea operations, being the first commercial diving company based in the UK to undertake this course, along with a fully operating Enriched Air Nitrox system, only goes to prove our reputation as an innovative subsea service provider, which is highlighted by our impressive safety record.”
Available immediately for projects in the global offshore renewable and oil and gas industries, the system is fully IMCA compliant and operates to the highest standard, as required in the challenging subsea environment.
Explaining the significance of the Nitrox system, global subsea manager at Osiris, James Ridgeway, added:
“The arrival of this asset takes us to a new level where we can continue to grow our market share in the oil and gas inspection, repair and maintenance sector. We’re part of a small handful of companies worldwide who have this capability and we will be able to fulfil the industry’s requirement for well trained and experienced enriched air and Nitrox diving service providers.”