27 September 2013

The Offshore Wind Management System (OWMS)

OWMS™ is an integrated marine management system providing real-time operational data that covers a wide range of offshore wind farm activities from vessel motion monitoring and crew tracking to turbine structural monitoring and tracking of strategic spares.
The OWMS™ system supports operator decision making by providing real-time data from various sources, infield and interfield, to enable interactive, responsive and safe assessments to be made. OWMS™ gives operators access to all workflow information and enables the monitoring of key activities on a number of different wind farms from one system. The modules are fully customisable to your individual requirements.

OWMS™ benefits:

  • Enables efficient management of operational activities
  • Enhances safety of personnel during vessel transfers
  • Reduces costs through efficient management and planning
  • Captures historic data for post operation analysis
  • Allows future operational predictions to be made

OWMS™ modules:

  • CCTV
  • Condition base monitoring
  • Crew and vessel tracking
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Intelligent fender system
  • Load monitoring
  • Real-time integration of meterological and wave data
  • Vessel motion monitoring system (VMMS)
  • Vessel performance monitoring