06 May 2014

James Fisher Marine Services Ltd (JFMS), part of James Fisher and Sons plc - the UK’s leading marine services provider, today announces the signing of a cooperation agreement with Mammoet Salvage B.V a division of Mammoet.

Benefits of the agreement:

  • Two world-leading marine specialists enter into mutually beneficial agreement as preferred partners
  • Opportunity for combined capability and expertise, providing enhanced customer-driven service in the marine salvage and decommissioning markets worldwide, including the oil and gas and renewable industries
  • Complementary tailor-made services offered by each company are further enhanced by the collaboration, creating additional value-added solutions for customers in defence and commercial sectors

Operating for over 200 years and with a global office network, Mammoet is the world’s leading specialist in engineered heavy lifting and multimodal transport solutions. In 2006, following their involvement in the recovery of the sunken Russian nuclear submarine Kursk, they formed Mammoet Salvage B.V., and in recent years that division has experienced substantial growth.

Jim Hey, managing director of James Fisher Marine Services, commented: “With this agreement in place, our companies are much better placed to respond quickly to salvage or other opportunities that would benefit from a joint response, which draws upon our areas of expertise.”

This agreement between JFMS and Mammoet Salvage identifies the two companies as preferred partners to secure contracts for marine salvage and decommissioning services, including wreck removal, to the defence and commercial markets.

“We are very pleased to have this agreement in place with James Fisher,” commented Arjan Herrebout, managing director of Mammoet Salvage. “Theirs is a company with whom we feel we have a close fit, with both having a range of capabilities that will complement each other nicely in terms of ability to provide an effective, responsive and efficient service to customers around the world, based on a total combined expertise of over 350 years of marine operational experience.”

With both companies operating a global network of regional offices serving customers worldwide, the smart, innovative solutions provided by Mammoet Salvage, combined with the specialist knowledge and experience of James Fisher, will allow us to deliver a customer-focussed, quality service to worldwide customers.

“This agreement presents us with an opportunity to work in collaboration with a highly respected marine salvor with a reputation for delivering quality services, and we look forward to a prosperous working relationship going forward,” concluded Jim Hey.