22 March 2021

James Fisher to drive energy transition with new renewables brand

Consolidating the group’s core competencies, James Fisher Renewables will provide expertise for the extremes, helping offshore developers push boundaries to accelerate the energy transition

James Fisher, a leading provider of innovative marine solutions and specialised engineering services, has today announced the launch of James Fisher Renewables, which sees consolidation of the group’s extensive capabilities into a comprehensive solutions provider.

Recognising significant growth opportunities in the renewables sector, the new structure will see James Fisher leverage its specialist expertise working in extreme environments. The move will support pure-play renewables developers, marine civil constructors and oil and gas majors alike in pushing the boundaries of what is possible to accelerate the energy transition, while maintaining existing energy infrastructure. Bringing together capabilities from across the group, JF Renewables will offer services through the project lifecycle including site preparation, UXO EOD, noise attenuation, cabling and HV commissioning management, operations and maintenance, and digital solutions. Clients will also benefit from seamless provision of James Fisher Subtech’s newly consolidated subsea capabilities, also announced today.

Giovanni Corbetta, Managing Director of James Fisher Marine Contracting Division explains:

“Accelerating trends within the energy industry, particularly the energy transition brought on by the climate emergency, present an opportunity for the group to focus on what it does best – providing expertise for the extremes. Complexity is where we excel, helping todeliver the world’s most complex, technically demanding, and environmentally challenging energy projects in construction and operations and maintenance. By realigning our business, revitalising the leadership team and reinvigorating our culture of trust, integrity and operational excellence, there will be no project too complex for us to deliver on.”

Established in 1847, James Fisher has operated in the offshore wind sector for nearly 14 years, from supporting clients on those initial pilot projects through to today; developing further offshore and into deeper waters. Rooted in its experience in Europe, James Fisher continues to grow its service into emerging markets including the USA, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. The company’s realignment, along with its network of trusted industry partners, will unlock new synergies to position James Fisher as a comprehensive solutions provider. Clients will also benefit from enhanced cost, risk and schedule management underpinned by streamlined supply chain management and professional services.

Talking of the opportunities in the energy sector, Jonathan Parkes, Divisional Strategy, Sales & Commercial Director of James Fisher Marine Contracting Division remarks:

“As demand for offshore wind increases to meet nation states’ global net zero goals and energy independence, the volume and scale of viable sites will need to increase. This will give rise to more offshore wind developers needing specialist capability to execute complex, technical energy projects in harsh environments.

“There is also a marked increase in renewable investments being made by oil and gas supermajors which makes a compelling case for us to position James Fisher to serve across the energy space. All complex infrastructure projects share the need to be delivered, operated, maintained and decommissioned in a way that is safe, on time and to budget while taking advantage of the latest technologies and digital innovation. James Fisher is here to do just that, delivering excellence in execution at every stage in the project lifecycle with pioneering spirit.”

Alongside providing expertise for the construction of infrastructure projects, JF Renewables and JF Subtech will also bring its specialist expertise to bear to optimise operations and maintenance in extreme environments. With social distancing due to COVID-19 ongoing, the group will continue to support clients to innovate new ways of working safely including remote working, digital twin and Internet of Things capabilities, digital asset integrity techniques and upskilling of technical and local content teams.