14 July 2014

James Fisher and KDM combine their activities within a new business unit called James Fisher Mass Flow Excavation Ltd (JFMFE)

  • Market-leading technology, assets and capability from both organisations will be delivered through JFMFE
  • Combines KDM’s innovative new TwinProp system with the existing HydroDigger fleet of James Fisher
  • The new venture will be managed day to day by the KDM Executives with engineering, operations and maintenance support provided by James Fisher
  • World-wide service delivery to be supported through James Fisher’s and KDM’s extensive infrastructure
  • James Fisher – the UK’s leading marine services provider, announces the formation of a new venture with Aberdeen based company KDM Marine – James Fisher Mass Flow Excavation – to jointly offer their market-leading subsea excavation capability and resources to the offshore industry in a single entity.

JFMFE combines the specialist subsea excavation, de-burial and trenching capabilities of both organisations and offers the extensive HydroDigger capability of James Fisher together with the highly innovative KDM TwinProp system to the offshore oil, gas and marine renewable energy sectors worldwide.

Commenting on the formation of the JFMFE, Aidan Douglas, group operations director, James Fisher and Sons plc said “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers around the globe access to both the KDM TwinProp system and the extensive experience of Mass Flow Excavation applications, systems and technology that the KDM Marine management team have successfully built up over recent years”.

Former KDM Marine chief executive and managing director of JFMFE, Kenneth Mackie, added “The resources and global footprint of James Fisher provides a strong platform to reach a number of international markets with our innovative technology. Our team is made up of some of the world’s leading Mass Flow Excavation specialists, responsible for the completion of over 300 projects. JFMFE has an impressive offering with the TwinProp and HydroDigger and we look forward to developing these tools’ positions in the marketplace."