05 November 2014

Scope extended to include the provision of wider submarine escape and rescue services and capabilities to maximise the safety of Australian Submariners.

James Fisher Defence (JFD), the leading global subsea operations and engineering company, has been awarded a contract by the Commonwealth of Australia for the long-term provision of the Royal Australia Navy’s (RAN) submarine escape and rescue capability for the next five years, plus options through to 2024.

The James Fisher Submarine Rescue Service (JFSRS) has provided escape and rescue services to the RAN since 2008 and was recently awarded a special commendation by the RAN’s Commander Submarine Force for dedication and innovation during the recent Black Carillon exercise.

Building upon the existing six years of safe and successful operations, the new contract will incorporate the provision of Pressurised Submarine Escape Training, which will be delivered by JFD’s instructors at HMAS Stirling in Western Australia. Additional enhancements to the JFSRS will include the design and manufacture of an integrated hyperbaric capability, together with a comprehensive training and exercise programme which will sustain and grow the capability, further assuring the ability of the service to respond to a submarine in distress.

‘We are delighted to continue our successful partnership with the Royal Australian Navy,’ said Mike Howarth, managing director, James Fisher Defence. “The safety of submariners remains at the heart of our business and the length of the contract is testament to the confidence the RAN has in JFD’s ability to deliver. It is a source of great pride that the RAN has entrusted this key aspect of the Submarine Force’s contingency planning to our organisation. The experience and commitment of our team continues to set new benchmarks and standards for submarine escape and rescue. This continuous improvement is the hallmark of how we deliver long-term value to all our customers.”

The new contract will showcase the breadth and depth of the new combined JFD/Divex organisation and the strength of the integrated service offering.