Winter 2014-15

Under the surface with: Danny Rhodes

As ROV technician with Osiris, Danny Rhodes has been involved in exciting new initiatives for its ROV fleet.

Tell us about your job

I work primarily as an ROV technician, which means I look after the day-to-day running and maintenance of the Osiris-owned (now James Fisher Marine Services) Seaeye Cougar-XT and Falcon. ROVs are an expensive asset and require detailed maintenance, which includes keeping all systems up-to-date through regular testing. I’m also responsible for the design and manufacture for all Osiris welding and fabrication projects as well as the Osiris IT systems and I maintain the ROV Safety Management System.

Have you landed any big projects?

Last May Osiris won a contract to conduct the cable pull-ins between the towers on the Humber Gateway offshore wind farm off the Yorkshire coast. This is the largest offshore wind farm currently under construction. It was a tough job! Initially the client, E.ON, was looking for support from one ROV so our Cougar XT carried out around 30 dives in tough conditions around the clock, providing survey and inspection work on the sea-bed. The team had to battle continually against high currents, shallow water, bad weather and in restricted work windows limited by the strong tides.

E.ON was impressed with the quality of work and massively expanded our role on the project to include pulling in cables through the J tubes and up the transition pieces. As our relationship with E.ON has grown, more tasks and an expanded scope of supply have evolved. We have now been on the Humber Gateway project for more than seven months.

How did you get involved with Osiris?

I came to Osiris from Edge Hill University in the summer of 2013 keen to capitalise on my nine years mechanical engineering and welding/fabrication experience. A friend recommended the company, I applied, and a one week trial turned into a three month contract then a permanent position.

What do you bring to the role?

As well as piloting, maintaining and continually upgrading both ROVs I have specialist skills in electronics, hydraulics, fibre optics and mechanical movement which are frequently called into use across multiple platforms and projects. For instance, on a recent project we have been able to improve the performance and manoeuvrability of the Falcon by integrating a fibre optics winch into the umbilical.

What are you looking forward to this year?

2015 has started well with our Cougar XT on a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico and likely to be heading to Brazil to work in the oil and gas sector. I’m excited that Osiris may be expanding its ROV fleet – this will further enhance the Osiris name in the offshore industry.

 ‘Keeping game sharp and on the boil’

Osiris has successfully completed a rigorous two day audit to become a contractor member of IMCA’s (the international marine contractors association) diving division.

Membership of this prestigious trade association is regarded as the diving benchmark within the industry and gives customers confidence that in Osiris, they have a partner that embraces excellent working practices and safe and highly efficient subsea operations.

The lengthy IMCA audit process required commitment to excellence from the whole Osiris team but according to Aiden West, Osiris managing director, admin manager, Carol Jessop and head of equipment, John Batement both went the extra mile to ensure IMCA success:

“This is a great achievement and I’m very proud of the team for the way they managed the whole process – and for getting us there!” said Aiden. “Going for IMCA membership is a very useful process as it keeps you game sharp and on the boil with respect to procedures, QHSE (quality, safety, health and environment), competency and training.”

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