Winter 2014-15

Helping NATO out of a tight squeeze

Fendercare Marine received a glowing letter of commendation from the Royal Navy for fendering support to a flotilla of NATO warships in the Port of Cardiff during the NATO summit last September.

The two largest vessels (the French anti-submarine frigate La Motte-Picquet and the Royal Navy’s newest warship, the Type 45 destroyer HMS Duncan) were supplied with huge Yokohama pneumatic fenders. The HMS Duncan had 16 fenders (2m diameter by 3.5m long) and the La Motte-Picquet was supplied with eight fenders (3.3m by 6.5m).

Following the summit, Commodore AJG Miller CBE, Royal Navy said:

“I would like to take this opportunity to offer my gratitude for the support that all those at Fendercare provided to my men and women on the ground in support of the NATO Warships visiting Cardiff. I am exceptionally grateful for the support offered throughout both the planning phase and execution. Fendercare’s positive and flexible approach to dealing with the unusual requirements of six warships entering a commercial dock ensured that both HMS Duncan and La Motte-Picquet achieved a safe and faultless arrival and departure.”

The fact that Fendercare was approached to help with the NATO summit is indicative of a strong working relationship with the Royal Navy.

Fender sales manager for Europe, Sonia Crane said:

“I’ve been with Fendercare for 18 years so I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Naval guys for quite a long time. The reputation of Fendercare’s work comes from not just the amount of marine equipment we supply, but the Navy also has a large amount of fenders which we service and maintain around the UK.”

Sonia adds:

"Another reason we were chosen to do this job is that Fendercare is always ready in an emergency, so our clients know if there’s a problem we can sort it out in a timely manner.”

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