Summer 2016

Lifting the weight of responsibility

Strainstall's Container Weighing System is up and running at DP World terminals in time for the 1 July 2016 deadline.

In the last issue of the Pelican we reported that DP World Southampton had purchased Strainstall's Container Weighing System (CWS) with plans to get it installed onto existing container handling equipment at the port.

After months of engineering and production activity, the team at Strainstall managed to get the systems installed and commissioned, as required, by the end of June in time for the International Marine Organisation (IMO)'s regulations to come into force.

Strainstall's managing director, Simon Everett praised his team for the effort that has gone into supporting DP World through the installation process, saying;

'The team has been very busy over the past couple of months working hard to manufacture, install and commission the systems at Southampton to get the service implemented successfully.'

As project manager, Dan Cassell was charged with overseeing a large team of people, including the engineering and production team plus 20 specialists. In addition to this, Ben Gribble wrote the software and firmware for the system and electronic engineers Tin Aye and Awga Aung developed the electronics, with mechanical design masterminded by Russ Allen.

'It's a been a large project with tight timescales and everyone has played a key part in its success,'

explains Dan.

With the system up and running, DP World has been able to offer a container weighing service to customers at Southampton - whether they arrive by road or rail. Crucially, this is being offered as a 'seamless service' (at a minimal cost of £17.50 per container) which is fully integrated into normal transfer-to-vessel procedures.

This, says Simon, means the fully automated system works without any change to the processes and workings of the port. At DP World Southampton the system is fitted onto the straddle carriers meaning containers can be accurately weighed as part of the normal lifting cycle.

With the International Marine Organisation (IMO) ruling that every container must (by law) declare its weight before being boarded on to a vessel now in force, CWS is in hot demand.

Simon adds;

'We are proud to be supplying our system to terminals in over 15 countries, from Chile to Hong Kong.'

What is CWS?

The Container Weight System™ gives an accurate measurement of weight as the container is loaded onto the vessel, and is able to identify eccentrically loaded containers or loose loads within the container. This enables heavier containers to be loaded at the bottom of a ship (and distributed evenly) with the lighter containers above. It also, crucially, ensures that the handling of containers at sea complies with the new (as of 1 July 2016) SOLAS (safety of life at sea) regulations which have been set up to prevent disasters at sea which can be caused by misdeclared container weights.

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