Summer 2016

Hooking up in Pengerang

Strainstall has won a contract to supply a critical mooring solution for an iconic Malaysian deepwater oil terminal.

Having worked closely with the Pengerang oil terminal since construction of the first six jetties in 2012, the team at Strainstall was well placed to win the contract to supply sophisticated mooring hooks for phase two - the construction of 11 further jetties.

'This new £2m contract is testament to the hard work the Strainstall team has already delivered in phase one of this project and also the close working relationship we have developed with the customer,'

explains project manager, Paul Downes, adding,

'As part of phase two we have already provided detailed consultation and advice on the mooring arrangements for the next 11 jetties to help establish where the hooks should be installed and the best orientation for mooring operations. This should ensure successful delivery and implementation.' 

Pengerang, created out of reclaimed land at the southern tip of Malaysia's Johor peninsula, is the first deep water terminal of its kind in Southeast Asia. Its main trestle extends 1.7km out into the sea, with a 1.1km outer arm housing six deep water jetties where ships can load and unload their cargo. Sitting on major international shipping lanes connecting the Middle East and Asia it is designed to handle, store, blend and distribute crude oil and clean petroleum products.

Strainstall's quick release mooring hooks (QRMH) which will be installed on the new jetties, have an innovative remote release function, differentiating them from competitors' products. This means they provide safe mooring release even when there is an unsafe load on the line (which isn't the case with classic bollards).

Strainstall's business development manager, Jos Lambrechts, explains how this ensures safe operations;

'Critical berths are equipped with quick release hooks that incorporate sensitive load pins which send accurate load information to the user via a visual display of load distribution.'

In addition to the mooring hooks, Strainstall will also supply its DockAlert™ system which combines lasers, large digital displays and environmental sensors to very closely monitor the vessel docking at Pengerang's largest berths. It allows engineers to monitor the speed of the largest vessels, assessing their distance from the jetty and providing a clear view of jetty conditions at the time of mooring to protect both vessels and jetty infrastructure.

'This not only has significant implications for safety but also ensures the docking process of larger vessels adheres to stringent insurance and classification guidelines,'

says Jos.

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