Summer 2014

SmartLoad® takes the strain

Intelligent new load cell system heralds new era of load monitoring.

A leap forward in load monitoring is promised by SmartLoad®, an innovative intelligent system that develops the concept of a simple load cell into a comprehensive load monitoring system. SmartLoad® is a market-leading innovation, using the latest wireless technology to provide a flexible solution giving improved reading ranges while also being simple and intuitive to use. 

Developed collaboratively over the past year by James Fisher group company Scotload, the new load cell system builds on tried-and-tested products, but adds an unprecedented level of flexibility.

SmartLoad® applications are diverse, ranging from load testing of cranes through to ensuring the safe rigging of stage lights for temporary concert venues. The technology is built into “load links” (physical devices fitted between the load to be weighed and the lifting equipment) to monitor load and verify it is within safe working limits. The new system can also be easily retrofitted to a range of manufacturers’ equipment.

“By working closely with our customers we identified that the load monitoring market has changed in recent years and existing technology was cumbersome and inefficient, making monitoring work challenging”

Explains Jonathan Harris (Scotload’s business development manager), who started the project.

“Through understanding the needs of the industry we have developed a unique system which addresses the issues for both end users and hire fleet operators.”

Jonathan adds.

Existing systems, while technically competent, are difficult to set up and made worse because data collecting handsets are wirelessly paired ‘one to one’ to load cells, meaning that if users have more than one load cell they need multiple handsets. What’s more, readings are in real time, so there’s no history of what the load cell has done or whether it has been overloaded.

Ben Gribble, the software developer who designed the interface, says:

“The SmartLoad® solution has uniquely added intelligence to the load cell itself giving much greater flexibility and importantly stores data directly onto the load cell giving historic readings for a complete overview of load performance.”

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SmartLoad® takes the strain

Intelligent new load cell system heralds new era of load monitoring.

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