Spring/Summer - 2015

Nuclear fusion

James Fisher Nuclear enhances radioactive source capability.

James Fisher Nuclear (JFN) has bought High Technology Sources Ltd (HTSL), a company which specialises in the distribution of radioactive ‘sources’ and associated equipment. 

As the largest distributor of sources in the UK, HTSL’s profile and expertise complements JFN’s radiological instrument testing and repair services and the acquisition means the large range of instrumentation supported by JFN can be tested using sources provided by HTSL.

"Bringing the two companies together allows us to provide a more complete offering in terms of instrumentation and services as well as helping our customers to reduce the supply chain. This puts us in a stronger position to compete for new build contracts (building new nuclear power stations) through offering an enhanced service and better range of capabilities and infrastructure,"

 says Max Pottinger, JFN’s business development manager.

TSL’s directors, Duncan Aston and Jon Benn, will continue to run the company and help grow the business as part of James Fisher and state:

"We chose to pass the business into the safe keeping of the James Fisher Group - working together will help us maintain our high levels of service and customer focus."

 Understanding the secret of sources with Jon Benn:

 Q. What's a radioactive source?


 It is radioactive material which emits radiation (alpha, beta, or gamma) which can be used to test instruments  designed to measure those radiation emissions.


 Q: Where are sources used?


 Depending on the design a source might be used by a hospital to test gamma cameras which measure the  emissions from patients injected with a radioactive pharmaceutical, or in industry to test handheld instruments  which would be used to measure the spread of radioactive surface contamination. Sources are also used in  industrial radiography using short X-rays and gamma rays to penetrate various materials to inspect them for  hidden flaws.


 Q: How big are they?


 Some sources are held within small hand-held devices whilst others are large industrial sources housed in shielded  cells. 


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Nuclear fusion

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