Winter 2015-16

Hand-in-hand with BAE

The team at Mimic is working closely with BAE Systems to research whole ship condition and energy monitoring.

Working closely with BAE Systems, Mimic is working on a project to research whole ship condition and energy monitoring as an advanced development of the individual equipment monitoring it currently provides. 

This would ensure a more efficient monitoring and maintenance service which would guarantee ship owners more efficient use of energy, the avoidance of failures and improved maintenance techniques.

"Whole ship monitoring would allow us to say 'this machine is doing well in terms of energy use and mechanical health, so leave it alone' or 'this machine is using too much energy, or its health is failing so take it out of service and fix it',"

explains Martin Briddon, business development and engineering manager at JFM. 

It is hoped that the results of the BAE project will be used to support future development of Mimic’s product range, and Martin comments;

‘We are excited about the prospect of putting a whole ship condition monitoring system onto one of our vessels before the end of next year.'

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Hand-in-hand with BAE

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