Spring 2016

Bolstering the Sellafield connection

James Fisher Nuclear has solidified its position in the Sellafield supply chain with another major decommissioning contract.

Working as part of a consortium of six companies, JFN has been announced as a framework partner on a multi-million pound contract to provide further site remediation and decommissioning services at Sellafield.

This new contract is to support Sellafield in the reduction of onsite hazards and risks while maintaining a safe operating environment. It forms part of the Decommissioning Delivery Partnership (DDP) and builds on JFN's work with Sellafield over the previous eight years. Under the new partnership the scope has been widened to include strategic programme planning, solution innovation as well as risk reduction support. The contract will cover a potential 10 year period which allows for a more strategic approach to project and programme planning and delivery.

The consortium, Cumbria Nuclear Solutions Limited (CNSL) is made up of six companies (JFN, Jacobs Stobbarts, React Engineering, Shepley Engineers, WYG, and Westinghouse Electric Company) which have a history of working closely together and bring integrated project management skills and flexible, responsive and innovative decommissioning capabilities to Sellafield's complex programmes of work.

As part of the consortium, JFN will offer mechanical and electrical design capability; trial and test rig development; specialist decommissioning equipment design and manufacture; and remotely operated vehicle capability.

'Sellafield is the biggest and most challenging nuclear site in the UK and the contract award is testament to the good relationship JFN has developed with Sellafield over the years,'

explains Dr Paul Read, managing director of JFN.

JFN's business development manager, Scott Walker, who was part of the team which put together the award winning tender, goes on to say;

'Where possible, we base our systems on carefully selected off-the-shelf equipment to give increased reliability and reduced programme costs. With three rig halls and areas for full-scale plant mock-ups and support facilities less than five miles from Sellafield, we can work in a truly collaborative manner to deliver safe, fit-for-purpose and fully tested solutions and to train operators in their safe use prior to deployment onsite.'

Key to winning the contract was the consortium's ability to demonstrate collaboration and the required capabilities both internally and externally with Sellafield and the wider supply chain.

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