27 June 2017

JFD prepares for final SPHL testing with Vanguard.

JFD nears completion of two innovative, self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats (SPHL) developed in partnership with Vanguard.

JFD, the world-leading subsea operations and manufacturing company and part of James Fisher and Sons plc, nears completion of two newly designed, safety-advanced, self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats (SPHL), developed in partnership with Vanguard Composite Engineering Pte Ltd (Vanguard), which is leading the market in operational lifeboat safety standards.

In February 2016, JFD won a multi-million pound contract to design and manufacture six SPHLs (four 18-man and two 24-man) as part of the saturation diving systems on board a new fleet of diving support vessels (DSV). Final testing of the first two 18-man SPHLs is due to take place before installation and commissioning on the first DSV. These lifeboats mark the first to be completed as part of a new partnership between JFD and Vanguard, based in Singapore.

The partnership combines JFD’s hyperbaric and chamber manufacture and design expertise with highly respected lifeboat manufacturer, Vanguard. This exclusive partnership leads the way for a new generation of hyperbaric lifeboats and integrated davit systems which are leading the market in terms of operational safety standards for saturation divers.

Giovanni Corbetta, JFD managing director, stated:

"We are delighted with the progress of our first collaborative project alongside Vanguard. The project is on schedule and we are looking forward to delivering two advanced, high-quality vessels which will raise the safety standard of SPHLs globally, greatly improving the chances of a successful, safe recovery and decompression of the divers."

JFD and Vanguard worked closely during the design and engineering phase, and the build programme for each element commenced simultaneously across all their global locations. Following the SPHL boats and davit systems manufacture at Vanguard facility in China and the chamber fabrication at JFD’s Australian, Korean and UK bases, the final outfitting is being completed at JFD’s LEXMAR facility in Singapore.

The SPHLs have been subject to continuous testing and DNV class build surveys throughout their manufacture to ensure compliance with the latest industry standards. FAT testing is due to commence with the client and shipyard, which will involve pressure and leak tests, load and function tests and all other requirements mandated by Class, IMO and SOLAS.

The completed lifeboats will undergo speed and endurance testing in August 2017 before final acceptance by DNV and delivery to the client. JFD’s project team will then move straight onto the additional two 18-man 300m SPHLs and the two 24-man 300m SPHLs to complete the contract.