25 July 2017

JF Mimic signs condition monitoring software agreement with Stolt Tankers

Operator of the world's largest fleet of chemical and parcel tankers, Stolt Tankers, is to have Mimic's condition monitoring software installed on all its 75 vessels.

JF Mimic, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement to supply its specialist condition monitoring software to Stolt Tankers B.V (Stolt).

The software, which enhances operational safety and improves the technical reliability of assets, will be installed on Stolt's fleet of 75 vessels as well as onshore at its head office.

Satisfying complex maritime demands, the software provides instant condition status alerts along with detailed efficiency monitoring. Amalgamating raw onboard operating data from various sources such as the main and generator engines, cargo pumps and other auxiliary machinery, the system will automatically send information to the Mimic application at Stolt's head office, pushing alerts to users. Allowing for further analysis across machinery and vessel types, the software will allow Stolt to make informed maintenance decisions.

The system also integrates spectrographic oil analysis results, asset condition reports, such as feed water purity and cathodic protection reports into one easy to view dashboard from which managers can extract a wealth of real-time information.

Discussing the choice of Mimic as supplier, Andres Casanova, Stolt's maintenance and reliability manager, said;

"Mimic was the ideal choice for the collection, validation and visualisation of digital data. The company vision is to facilitate easy access for all relevant stakeholders, both at sea and ashore. It will empower the organisation to take the lead with regards the proactive intervention of in/de-creasing trends or exceeding threshold values. This will further enhance our operational safety and improve the technical reliability of our key assets."

Martin Briddon, business development manager of James Fisher Mimic, adds;

"This Mimic software suite offers all the necessary tools for robust data manipulation and in-depth analysis of every maintenance task. Connecting vessels to a central hub is now achievable, leading to full control of your fleet from one system."

For more information on the system, visit our condition monitoring page or Mimic's website.