04 April 2017

JF Mimic working in perfect harmony with RCCL.

JF Mimic is pleased to announce it has recently installed its unique Mimic condition monitoring software suite on another Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd ship, Harmony of the Seas.

The newly delivered Harmony of the Seas, which is the world's largest cruise ship, is the sixth  Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCCL) vessel to be installed with Mimic and demonstrates their continued commitment to standardise all maintenance across the corporate brands by implementing a simple but highly effective solution which embraces the many advantages of a successful condition based maintenance (CBM) programme.

RCCL recognise that condition monitoring cannot replace diligent watchkeeping and experience of the onboard engineers but incorporating Mimic's simple CBM solution will enhance and assist good engineering practices.

To encourage participation in the CBM programme the onboard engineers collect condition monitoring data using Mimic's easy to use portable hand held device. The data is fully accessible through the AMOS CMMS system, thereby allowing condition monitoring to influence the day to day maintenance schedules.

The adoption of an effective CBM programme and moving away from traditional preventive maintenance will prevent 'over maintenance' and significantly reduce overall maintenance costs.

Nick Goddard, director, asset management global marine operations of RCCL said:

"CBM forms an important element of our long term fleet maintenance strategy. Utilising the functionality of the Mimic system combined with the unique integration of the AMOS M&P suite will without doubt enhance our maintenance philosophy onboard the Harmony of the Seas and throughout our fleet.''

Shaun Rowe, operations manager at James Fisher Mimic (JFM) explains:

"The success of a fully integrated condition based maintenance programme relies on accurate, reliable and consistent data, professional analysis and successful integration with a CMMS system. The Mimic software has assisted RCCL to encompass all these prerequisites with uncomplicated ease.''

The Mimic condition monitoring system was installed in two phases with the first phase undertaken during the vessel build at Saint Nazaire shipyard in France and the second during a short spell at sea between Barcelona and Naples during the vessel's maiden voyage to conclude the successful completion.

JFM will also deliver on-going consultancy support by providing a monthly data analysis service to the vessel's chief engineer and shore support staff. The remote data analysis service will provide RCCL with detailed and accurate reports of machinery health including potential impending problems.

"Our aim is for Mimic to be the gateway to many different types of condition monitoring data. We work with our customers to ensure only the most useful data is captured to guarantee maximum benefit. If used effectively, Mimic's output can improve machinery reliability, deliver early fault detection and accurately monitor machinery health."

Concluded Rowe.

This impressive cruise ship, comprises of 16-decks, is 362 metres long, is taller than the Eiffel Tower, and can carry 6,360 passengers.