28 June 2017

James Fisher's bespoke offshore support vessel, the Dart Fisher, sails ahead with updated features

After several upgrades the Dart Fisher now includes a deck crane, fuel transfer system, up to 24 person saloon module and a welfare unit 

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS), part of the globally operating James Fisher and Sons plc, has announced the completed refurbishment and upgrade of its innovative offshore support vessel, the Dart Fisher. Following back-to-back charters, the £250,000 refurbishment has been timed to coincide with the many offshore wind projects starting around the UK’s coast and in particular the East of England, where JFMS’s head office is based. 

Designed with flexibility and high performance in mind, the Dart Fisher’s latest additions include the fitting of a new fuel transfer system, making the vessel capable of refuelling up to a 30m head to enable refuelling on offshore assets, and a Palfinger deck crane, which has been mounted on a moveable plinth to maximise operability. The vessel has also been fitted with a 20ft seating saloon module and 10ft welfare unit, both of which are secured to the main deck.  Also in the planning is a four point mooring system, which is ready to be installed.

JFMS bought the multi-purpose DNV R1 classed support vessel in order to expand its capabilities in the offshore industry and to provide a platform for oil transfer services, diving and ROV operations and personnel transfers, as well as facilitating integrated solutions for larger contracts. Since its maiden voyage the Dart Fisher has been in constant demand, working for many high profile clients including RWE/Innogy, SSE and Siemens.

“The Dart Fisher’s latest upgrades has meant that she remains the first of her kind, and sets a new standard for offshore support operations,” says Martin Sisley, managing director of services at  JFMS.

“The vessel has continually demonstrated its flexibility and effectiveness, often in tricky offshore renewable situations. Her refurbishment means she is best placed for the next phase of renewables projects.” Sisley added.

The 25.7metre-long ship is able to carry three standard ISO 20ft containers (with a 30-tonne load) and up to 24 passengers to sites 150 nautical miles offshore. Because it is multi-purpose, the vessel offers a range of specialist marine services such as diving, ROV, underwater surveys, ship-to-turbine oil change, operations and maintenance, and modular accommodation.

The vessel also has the prestigious German certificate of equivalence, further adding confidence in the ship’s safety standards and allowing it to work further afield.