02 September 2019

James Fisher Prolec safeguards Medway  operations with extended warranty

Medway Internal Drainage Board invests in warranty for its entire fleet of flail mowers

Medway Internal Drainage Board invested in extended warranty for their Spearhead fleet’s new PME100 systems. Medway originally asked the James Fisher Prolec team to replace its aging Heightmaster systems with solutions of the same kind. After discussing their technical and business requirements in more depth, the decision was taken to opt for PME100’s height limiting solution with motion cuts. Alongside this purchase, Medway took advantage of JF Prolec’s extended warranty packages to further future proof its operations.

As a public sector organisation, Medway have cost-related purchasing objectives that need to be met. The future possibility of service callouts and replacement parts put these challenging objectives at risk. Medway invested in an affordable three-year warranty package to protect against unexpected costs and safeguard its cash flow.  

For added value, the programme includes yearly inspections carried out by JF Prolec’s in-house engineering team. While other inspections only locate problems, the company’s specialist service engineers know the system inside out and can diagnose and resolve issues immediately. The programme ideally suited Medway’s policy of conducting annual inspections for all its machines.

“The systems we had operated for a number of years on our plant and required updating. We had recently purchased new flail mowers and we saw this as a good opportunity to bring the height limiters up to date. Having talked extensively with James Fisher Prolec’s representatives, it was decided that the PME100 met the requirements for the works we undertake.

To safeguard the operators and equipment, a decision was made to extend the warranty. This will give us peace of mind that the equipment is functioning correctly”.

John Davis, works supervisor, Upper & Lower Medway Internal Drainage Boards

Going forwards, Medway has stated that it intends to use JF Prolec in light of its positive experience with the company’s PME100 systems, warranty packages and customer service.