28 September 2020

James Fisher Everard bids farewell to the Galway Fisher 

James Fisher Everard (JFE) has finalised the sale of the Galway Fisher, after a successful 23 years of service across her trading routes in north-west Europe. 

The sale of the Galway Fisher, made effective on 11 September in Malta, comes after JFE initially tested purchase interest on the buyers’ market last year. 

JFE currently operates 16 double-hulled tankers responsible for transporting highly flammable cargoes of petrol, diesel, kerosene and marine gasoil. JFE’s vessels typically trade across the European coastline, with three of its tankers responsible for trading worldwide and in the Caribbean. 

The sale of the Galway Fisher is a necessary measure, as the vessel was approaching her maximum trading age of which JFE’s charterers can accept for north-western Europe trading contracts 

Mélodie Dewitte, commercial manager at JFE, says:

We are pleased to have found a home for the Galway Fisher to continue her life after serving JFE so well for so many years. We put the vessel on the market to test the purchase interest about one year ago to give time to find a buyer before her 23rd birthday (July 2020). The sale process has been slowed down in recent months but we finally identified a buyer with whom we successfully completed the sale on 11 September in Malta.” 

Galway Fisher last departure


The Galway Fisher had an excellent safety record and operated a recorded 5,500 days without a single lost time injury (LTI), equating to over 15 years of sailing - an extraordinary achievement for the demanding conditions of the North Sea where the JFE fleet sail. 

JFE’s fleet renewal strategy aims to source environmentally friendly replacement vessels, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions while featuring a broader product offering to include the transportation of chemicals. This addition enables JFE to continue carrying their current clean petroleum products while growing the JFE share in the growing chemicals market.  

The Corrib Fisher has taken over the Galway Fisher’s trading routes on the Circle K contract – a trading route responsible for transporting cargoes along the Irish Coast between the Galway and Whitegate ports. She was also contracted by the EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) to provide oil spill recovery services that will be taken over by the Mersey Fisher going forward. 

One of the Galway Fisher’s masters, Marek Blaszczykowski, reflects on her excellent service throughout the years and his overall experience operating the vessel: 

For me, she was a really good vessel for handling, always predictable and willing to cooperate during approach or departure from the berth/lock. She was really good on heavy seas, even in ballast conditions and she remained like this right to the end. She will definitely be missed by many people, including myself.”