21 September 2020

Highlighting James Fisher’s green initiatives for UK Recycle Week

UK Recycle Week is organised by Recycle Now, a campaign led by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP). 

WRAP aims to raise awareness of recycling as the UK aims to meet its 2020 target of recycling 50 per cent of generated waste by households. For this year’s national recycling campaign‘Together - We Recycle’, James Fisher is highlighting how the group continues to focus on reducing its contributions to general waste by implementing a numbeof recycling initiatives which resonate with its operating companies.  

EDS HV Group and JFD report on some of their individual achievements to proactively improve their recycling contributions 

Seana Downes, head of business services at EDS HV Group, says:  

“EDS has gone green with its merchandise and is committed to only purchasing items which are either recycled or can be reused and prevent the purchase of single use plastics. We gave out water bottles, reusable shopper bags, pens and rulers to employees which are all made from recycled materials. 

Pamela Cruickshankfacilities coordinator at JFD, says:  

JFD is reducing the amount of general waste collected, with food waste, recyclable waste and waste wood all segregated and dealt with separately. Consequently, our quantity of general waste has decreased, and the company who collect our waste send a monthly report which now shows that currently none of our general waste goes to landfill.” 

For more information on how you can improve your own household contributions to recycling, visit the Recycle Now website.