19 April 2021

Graduates join James Fisher through the internship programme 

After coordinating an internship programme across the company, James Fisher and Sons plc provides recent university graduates with employment in their chosen fields of study. 

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The ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic means that university graduates of 2020 have found it harder than ever to join the employment ladder in their desired fieldsAfter taking this into consideration, James Fisher and Sons plc designed an internship programme tailored to employing graduates in order to provide them with the opportunity to join one of a number of varying roles across its HR, marketing and business developments departments 

The interns will be joining the company on a six-month basis, where they will have the opportunity to work on a number of projects and have the freedom to demonstrate their own expertise and ideas, all while gaining experience in the sector of their interest. 

Each intern gave an account of how their initial weeks with the company and departments have gone so far. 


Joe Johnston, content writer intern at JFS plc, says: 

“The first few weeks have been really enjoyable and everything was introduced at a steady pace, making what could have been an overwhelming amount of information really digestible and easy to follow. Getting to meet the marketing team individually and through group calls has gone a long way in informing me about where I fit into the group dynamic.  

Seeing the care that is being invested into this programme has solidified to me that I made the right decision holding out for a role such as this; who can name a company that would make time for a Q&A between their CEO and newly-hired interns?”  


Marta Pasikowska, marketing intern at JFD, says: 

“The initial weeks have been great and everyone has been really nice and supportive. I’ve already been working on some internal communications projects and exploring the process of creating press releases and other written communications. Overall, the marketing department, as well as the wider JFD team, have made sure I have all the background information about the company that I require, and thanks to that I could easily and quickly get involved in the projects."    


Bethany Wells, HR project intern at JFS plc, says: 

The first few weeks of the programme have been steadily paced and informative. Over the first few days, I had the chance to meet the other interns and learn more about the programme and company itself, before being introduced to my department.  

As a part of Group HR, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to some of my colleagues early on, before later meeting them individually over Teams. I think what has struck me is how welcoming and approachable everyone is; my team has been very supportive so far and made sure my workload is clear and manageable, which is great!” 


Charlotte Roulston, graphic design intern at JFS plc, says: 

“I’ve found the initial few weeks learning all about the roles of the team and how I will be fitting in with future projects very interesting and exciting. Meeting everyone in the marketing team on Teams has been a really great way to get to know everyone. It’s been a very welcoming induction to the team and the intern programme overall."


Iris Di Lorenzo, business development intern at JFS plc, says:  

“Overall, people have been welcoming and friendly. My manager and mentor has been exceptionally supportive, and I’m able to share my concerns to improve in my job. 

I have a video call with my buddy weekly, and since my team is considerably small, I was able to participate in a virtual catch-up with them every week. Here I have the opportunity to meet other colleagues working across various departments.” 


Ryan Boyce, strategy intern at JFD, says: 

“The first few weeks have been great and it’s been beneficial learning from the extremely talented and helpful people here at JFD. I was given a tour of the Inchinnan facility in Scotland, and it was nice to meet the people there too. I know that the work I’m doing benefits JFD and the wider group, giving me the ability to develop my skills and network. So far, the heads of department have helped me settle in really well.” 


Nithiya Pragashparan, business development intern at Fendercare Marine, says: 

My first weeks at Fendercare have been amazing to say the least! The team have given me such a warm welcome and I’ve settled in nicely. My line manager has been very supportive and arranged multiple induction sessions to meet with colleagues across different functions. 

This strategic business development position will enable me to grasp the bigger picture for where the company sits and understand how my input will add value.” 


Charlotte Stevens, content writer intern at JFS plc, says: 

The start of the internship was a great introduction to the company, how it operates, what it stands for, and how we are going to fit within it. A wonderful moment was when James Fisher’s CEO took the time to speak to us and offered some great advice as we start our journey with the company.   

The marketing team were all so welcoming and getting the chance to speak to them individually, finding out about their roles and how we may be working together really made me feel a part of the team straight away.” 


Konstantinos Frentzos, business development intern at James Fisher Everard, says: 

"I found my initial weeks at JFE productive, challenging and motivating. All of my colleagues have made me feel welcome and comfortable, and helped me to adapt to my new environment. I learned a lot of new information about the company and the industry we operate in, which was all done with their support. Overall, I’m very excited to be a part of this global organisation, as James Fisher is exactly the company I want to work for; an international company with great values and heritage in marine services and the Tankships division.”